The Existential Detective (click on image to buy):

Praise for The Existential Detective:-

‘Reminiscent of the dislocation and dream-infested landscape that inhabits Auster’s work … Alice Thompson has bent the detective novel to her own will and produced something rather exciting.’
Louise Welsh, Scottish Review of Books

‘Alice Thompson … grabs hold of the detective fiction tradition, flings it in the air, lets it crash to the floor, and jumps on it till it’s in smithereens. She then reconstructs it into something that doesn’t yet have a name … The Existential Detective is unsettling, unsettlingly erotic, and somehow sadly beautiful. Thompson is fast becoming one of the most original and formidable writers in the English language today.’
The Sunday Herald

‘Thompson’s uncanniest – and best – novel yet.’
Nicholas Royle, The Independent

‘A Scottish noir thriller … is merely the veneer behind which the author is exploring a different kind of story. … Thompson … conjures up a strange universe for her characters, drawing the reader in with teasing prose and suggestive paradoxes … but the real suspense comes from the way the author plays with her shadowy characters, her more surreal clues and, ultimately, her readers.’ Times Literary Supplement

‘Haunting, strange, Kafkaesque, poetic mystery set in Portobello.’
Ian Rankin (via Twitter)

‘A deeply moving and compelling read, packed with mysterious goings-on and bloodcurdling shocks, all counterbalanced by the author’s trademark subtle and elegant prose … Remarkable.’
Camille Pia, The List

‘A detective story refracted through David Lynch’s lens … Readers should … prepare to be drawn into an unsettling netherworld of charm and lunacy, both serious and anarchic, much like Lewis Carroll’s 150 year old tale, just with more sex.’ Gutter Magazine


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  1. wonderful read … reviewed here,

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